Stakeholders Engagement Assessment Matrix

There are different levels of stakeholders engagement. Stakeholders engagement categorized as the following:

  • Unaware: Unaware of project and potential impacts.
  • Resistant: Aware of project and potential impacts and resistant to change.
  • Neutral: Aware of project yet neither supportive nor resistant.
  • Supportive: Aware of project and potential impacts and supportive to change.
  • Leading: Aware of project and potential impacts and actively engaged in ensuring the project is a success.

The current engagement level of stakeholders are different than the planned stakeholders engagement so your goal as a project manager is to bring the current stakeholders engagement to the planned stakeholders engagement.

Stakeholders Engagement Assessment Matrix helps you document the current level of engagement of each stakeholder and the desired level of engagement of stakeholder.

desired level of engagement for a stakeholder can be achieved by communications and actions for example, if a functional manager is resistant to your project because he thinks that some of his employees will be recruited to your project and he will not be able to finish the work he has with less number of employees. get him to be supportive to your project by offering a training to those employees so they can be more efficient and productive when they go back to work for him.

C : Current Engagement

D: Desired Engagement