Configuration Management Plan VS Change Management Plan

Bottom up estimation VS Parametric estimation1 (3)

I Have noticed that a lot of you have some confusion when it comes to change control and configuration management. I found a good example about configuration management that may clear this confusion.

“Say for example, your project involves providing and installing a WAN access device at each of 32 locations around the country. Some locations require more bandwidth than others, and a back-up circuit. These requirements lead to a different configuration in the WAN access device. Perhaps some other factors lead to other configuration variations within the access device.”

“The configuration management plan can document how you are going to make sure that the appropriate configuration of WAN access device is going to be provided and installed at each location. The situation calls for extra care in this area, driving you to use the configuration management plan.”

if you need to change the number of those WANs per customer requirement, that would be part of change management plan.

I hope that cleared some of the confusion some of you might have about the configuration management plan.

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